On Sunday mornings 9:30–11:30, Director Matthew Swift puts a small selection of art on view at the gallery’s Annex facility. The event is informal and personal, a private showing for which I have chosen the art to view. To schedule a private showing of art you choose, please make an appointment here.

A description of the planned selection for the next Sunday will be posted here and may also be announced in a gallery newsletter. A preview slideshow will also be posted here, unless the art has not been photographed yet.

Please indicate your intention to attend Sunday Discovery before 9:30pm the day before by making an appointment here. Your confirmation will include directions to the Annex, which is near the Gallery. Though appointments are officially for 30 minutes, you are welcome to stay till 11:30am.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Susan Erony‘s masterpiece Promised Land has been out in the work area of the Annex for cleaning. Before we put it away, we’ll get out several of her other works employing her signature technique of burnt paper built up with acrylic medium and a variety of unusual pigments for a Sunday Discovery.