Matthew Swift Gallery shows beautiful and intelligent contemporary art at national fairs and in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Founder and Director Matthew Swift is dedicated to bringing profound, moving, provocative, and beautiful art to the attention of collectors and the public.

Visitors to the gallery will see an exhibition in the main room and additional works of art on view in a pair of other rooms. Moreover, visitors may browse gallery inventory on a 106" projection screen either at their own pace or in consultation with the Gallery Director, who is available by appointment or spontaneously to guide clients personally through a review and selection process tuned to their interests.

Gallery inventory includes hundreds of works of art hand-picked by the Director. Most are available to view in person by appointment at a private showroom near the gallery, with one or two days’ notice. Alternatively, the gallery can in many cases bring works of art to view in a client’s home or place of work, and loan art on approval.

The gallery is open year-round.

The Building

Matthew Swift Gallery is located in a purpose-built space within the elegant Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust building of 1880 in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester and the Harbortown Cultural District. At the back of the spacious main gallery are a library and a small gallery within a former bank vault. The Vault Room shows selections from gallery inventory guided by collectors’ interests, and the Director’s Office is a showcase of art by each gallery artist.