A Jean MemoryTrident Gallery offers a gift registry service to help couples begin or extend an art collection.

How it Works

  1. Choose a direction (or two) by browsing art together. Maybe you already have. This is the fun part — creative discovery of the world of art, your unique perspective, and the passion you share with your partner.
  2. Narrow down to a short list for a private showing at Trident Gallery in Gloucester, Massachusetts, or an artist’s studio. In some cases, we can bring the art to you.
  3. Choose particular works of art you would like to own, and choose one of many good ways to share images with your guests and invite their contributions.
  4. Trident Gallery holds all your selections for several months and helps make it easy for your guests to contribute and to appreciate your interest in receiving art.
  5. After your wedding, take your new art home!


five reasons to choose art for your wedding gift registry

  1. Art is original, like you.
    Heirlooms have history, and shops offer popular goods, but you can express your uniqueness — and independence — by choosing to receive objects unlike any others in the world, reflecting who you are now as you begin your new life together.
  2. Life follows art.
    The art you choose to live with —like your new partner — will change how you see the world, will shape who you are. Choose wisely to become the person you want to be!
  3. Art begins a good story.
    The art collection you begin together begins a story and will become, as you add to it (perhaps on anniversaries), both a chronicle and the consummation of what you together love and find beautiful and inspiring.
  4. Your soul needs furnishing too.
    A good work of art is not just a beautiful home furnishing, it is a friend for life who always has something new and interesting to say: a beautiful furnishing for your soul.
  5. Trident Gallery makes it easy.
    Unlike any other gallery we know, Trident Gallery has both the expertise and an organized program to help couples begin or extend an art collection with the help of their wedding guests. Read on, and talk to us!

Trident Gallery tailors each gift registry to the couple’s interests, budget, style, wedding arrangements, and the particulars of the chosen works of art. We have great ideas to suggest, and we also gladly work with plans and services you have in place. There are so many ways to proceed that we don’t try to describe a standard plan, but here are the important principles and some typical arrangements.

One arrangement which works well is “Small / Medium / Large”: The gallery holds three works of art, and you take home the largest one that your collected funds will buy. Some prints are available in multiple sizes; you can use funds to buy nicer frames or take home more works of art from a set. You can let your guests vote for the art they’d most like to give you — there are many possibilities!

When you select unique works of art, you are asked to guarantee at least one modest purchase — the “small one,” or one of a set, for example. When you select limited editions, the gallery does not require a committment.

Director’s Note

As the Gallery Owner and Director, I will personally guide you through every step of the selection and registry process. I have spent my life studying art, I truly believe in the quality of the artists I represent, and I stake my reputation on my ability to guide you toward the selection of art that will bring you joy for many, many years.

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