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In the Time We Have

March 12, 2016April 24, 2016

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It is the same thing in us that is quick and dead, awake and asleep, young and old. For these things having shifted are those, and those having shifted are these.

— Heraclitus, fragment DK B88

Spring is a time of birth and renewal, and a time to reflect on rhythms, rituals, motifs, and ideas which bind the past, the ancient, and the contemporary.

How can there be permanence, how can there be identity, in the ceaseless flux of time?

Trident Gallery is is pleased to present In the Time We Have, an exhibition of new and selected works of art reflecting themes of time, ephemerality, and maturity.

Among the works presented for the first time at Trident are an elegant steel sculpture by Ruth Mordecai, Between Drawing And Sculpture / Torso (1995); a pair of witty assemblages by Ken Riaf; and a powerful new mixed media work on paper by Susan Erony called Flight. Especially in the context of this exhibition, the butterfly wings embedded in Flight and the graceful arcs of the composition make this piece, for me, a poignant meditation on regeneration and renewal, beautiful and hopeful amidst the sadness of loss.

The wall texts for this exhibition are included in the slideshow below. They are sequences of short, lyrical phrases which capture elements of my current responses to these works of art. They are intended to be personal and provocative, inviting further reflection and response to the art from the reader — responses perhaps dissonant, or in counterpoint or harmony.