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Ed Touchette
Lessons, Barns, and Other Structures

September 18, 2015October 18, 2015

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Trident Gallery is pleased to present Lessons, Barns, and Other Structures, an exhibition of recent paintings on paper and canvas by Gloucester artist Ed Touchette.

Lessons, Barns, and Other Structures is an ongoing series of paintings, each one conceived as a lesson leading both the artist and the viewer toward simplified expression. Begun in 2011, when a few experimental paintings led the artist into a fruitful and sustained new direction, the series reveals and is an homage to influences from the artist’s earliest years as a student of art and architecture: a design professor from the Bauhaus; an abstract expressionist painting teacher; and an expressionist mentor who introduced him to the utter joy of working on paper.

Touchette’s paintings often draw inspiration from his literary and musical, as well as his visual interests and experiences, and among these he gives special emphasis to Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities. Touchette and Gallery Director Matthew Swift have woven passages from this text into the visitor’s experience of the exhibition at Trident Gallery, and a Trident Live Art Series performance on Saturday, October 10, at 7pm will explore Invisible Cities through performance.