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Auto-Body-Graphic II

July 24, 2016 · 7:00 pm8:00 pm

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TridentGallery_LiveArtSeries_ABG2-imageonlyUK-based dance maker Vincent Cacialano brings the second installment of his radical dance performance Auto-Body-Graphic. The evening’s program also includes two dance films, collaborations between Cacialano and Alan McDermott, and an opening act of electronic music by My Brother Daniel.

Doors at 6:45pm.

Vincent Cacialano is the Programme Leader in Dance in the Department of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in England.

Alan McDermott is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. He teaches the Feldenkrais Method, does design work, architectural illustration, film, installation, and visuals for live performances.

My Brother Daniel has performed in a full spectrum of venues. The music is heavily influenced by chiptune, ambient electronica and noise, but contains trickles of freeform jazz, funk, and punk.

Animation (3 minutes, McDermott and Cacialano) is a short video exploring choreographic dance movement through the premise of the enhancement of movement beyond the range of dancers’ bodies.

Cyclonic (20 minutes, McDermott and Cacialano) is dance film exploring circles of movement in space and circles of movement in the body, representing natural occurrences of wind and weather patterns.

Auto-Body-Graphic II (20 minutes, Cacialano) is a dance-media performance in collaboration with the Internet, exploring how language, media, and technology form and imprint meaning in the body and the mind.

Reviewing the first installment of Auto-Body-Graphic (performed among other places at Trident Gallery in August 2014), Trident Live Art Series Director Sarah Slifer Swift wrote:

Auto-Body-Graphic brought into view how the Internet is affecting culture, and how that in turn is affecting our bodies. Beginning and ending with twerk instruction — first for Cacialano via amateur Internet video, and then for audience via Cacialano — the piece gets right into the lowest-common-denominator factor that is the internet’s champion and folly. Cacialano toys with contrasts of quality and sophistication, pop to high-brow, and varying degrees of proficiency clash in sometimes humorous, sometimes painfully poignant ways. He executes highly tuned, sophisticated dance phrases in front of video of an aerobics class, with audio about social-psychology, giving a total effect that you are at once being brain-washed and enlightened watching it unfold. Observation and exploitation are explored further in the work with Cacialano stripped down to his underwear standing watching while images of sexy lady pop-dancers 1950 to present are projected on his body. The result is politically profound — a male solo that becomes a feminist work. But more than that it is a deep sociological, somatic, performative investigation into our changing world of total, unfettered access to digital information — it’s `liveness’ a gauntlet-throwing challenge to the future cultural landscape.”

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