Covid-19 Policies

Matthew Swift Gallery adheres to the requirements and recommendations of the City of Gloucester and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The policies described below implement them and will be adjusted as needed as guidance evolves.

Most importantly, the gallery space will close without prior notice if the Gallery Director or any of his immediate family experience potential symptoms of Covid-19 or are advised to self-isolate after possible contact with the virus. In this case, immediate notice of closure will be given in all the places listed below. An email notice will not be sent immediately.

All persons intending to travel to visit the gallery are requested to check shortly before departing whether notice of sudden closure has been posted.

In lieu of visiting the gallery in person, you may arrange a private video tour of the current exhibition with the Gallery Director.

Within the gallery space, all medically able persons must wear a mask covering nose and mouth, and all persons should strive to observe social distancing of 6 feet or more.

Occupancy of the gallery is limited to 13, including Gallery staff (normally one person). Outside of planned events, this limit was approached only very rarely before the pandemic, so it does not constrain normal gallery traffic.

The Vault Gallery is open to one person, or to one party who lives together, at a time. The Office Gallery is open by invitation only.

An exhaust fan remains on during public hours to promote fresh air exchange.

Cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces takes place prior to opening the gallery each day on the condition that 10 persons have entered the gallery since the previous full cleaning. Cleaning activities and visitor traffic are logged.

If the gallery will be closed during normal business hours due to concerns about Covid-19, notices will be given in the following places:

Notice will not be posted in the Gallery’s Instagram feed.