This page is to share planning documents for an event on 16 March 2024 put on by

The event will start at MAGMA and end across the street at MSG.
Timothy S. Hopkins Catering (TSH) will cater at MSG.

Information about the MSG venue for TSH and BDT

A slideshow of still images of the gallery is below on this page.

Also on this page beneath the slideshow is a narrated video tour of MSG: a main walk-through video followed by two shorter videos to demonstrate the projection screen and the shades.

Here is a scaled PDF plan of MSG, including (re)movable table and 2 benches. We have 48 brown folding chairs and 52 white folding chairs to use at MAGMA and/or MSG. Brown looks better at MSG.

Plans are versioned with a date. Version 1/3/2024 was the first shared for this project.

Here are links to ZIP files of the images, videos, and both, as alternatives to viewing them online below.

Still Images

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Video Tour

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