Zygmund Jankowski

Trident Gallery divides Jankowski’s paintings into eight categories by subject matter, and a ninth, non-overlapping category of large paintings at least 3 feet on a side. The groups below represent the Gallery Director’s curated selection of paintings available from the Zygmund Jankowski estate and other sources. At a given time, some are likely to be in the gallery, and the remainder may be viewed by appointment in the Gallery’s Annex Building. Prices are available on request.

While the gallery web site is intended to reflect current inventory, availability is not guaranteed. From time to time, new paintings from private collections are added to gallery inventory. Collectors having specific interests are encouraged to request a complete list of paintings matching those interests. All others are invited to visit the gallery to peruse images and examples of available artworks to develop and focus their collecting interests.

No screen image ever shows all there is to see and appreciate in the painting itself.