Richard Emmanuel

From a conversation on a Gloucester online forum, 2013:

A: Very few of us know East Gloucester’s Rev. Richard Emmanuel and his church on East Main St. very well but we should as he has a brilliant mind and penetrating insight into our world. Support this unique place and voice however you can. Rev. Richard Emmanuel Talks About Religious Guilt and LGBT Equality (The Huffington Post)

B: There was also a big article in the Style section of the Globe on January 3rd about Richard. I admire him for his unapologetic non-conformity and his vision for a more just and peaceful world. He walks the walk and is a genuinely fine person. [The story is How Richard Emmanuel became reverend of a church with a mission but no members (Boston Globe, with video and a separate photo essay.]

Other Journalism

Richard Emmanuel And His Remarkable Church Of Installation Art (

Rev. Richard Emmanuel Addresses Pope Francis’ LGBT Equality Comments (The Huffington Post)

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