Peter Lyons

Peter John Lyons was born in 1960 in Dunedin, New Zealand. He studied physics at university there before devoting himself to painting. He moved to Los Angeles in 1990 and to the Boston area in 1996.

Lyons’s paintings are in the Saundra B. Lane Collection, the Boston Athenaeum, and numerous significant private collections.

2020 Art Wynwood 2020 art fair

2020 Art Palm Beach 2020 art fair

2020 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2020 art fair

2019 Philadelphia Fine Art Fair 2019

2019 SCOPE New York 2019 art fair

2018 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2019 art fair

2018 SCOPE Miami Beach 2018 art fair

2018–19 SNE 48010 and Marshland included in the inaugural biennial New England Now at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. SNE 48010 was the marquee work of art for the exhibition, used in all publicity.

2018 solo exhibition On Ramp, Trident Gallery

2016 solo exhibition American Spring, Trident Gallery

2015–2019 group exhibitions, Trident Gallery

2015, 2017, 2018 Boston International Fine Art Show

2010 commissioned painting, Boston Athenaeum

2005 2017 solo exhibition, Paul Dietrich Gallery (Cambridge MA)

2005, solo exhibition, Meredith Ward Fine Art (New York City)

2003 solo exhibition, Richard York Gallery (New York City)

2003–2011, group exhibitions, St. Botolph Club.

2002–3, solo exhibition, St. Botolph Club (Boston). Awarded the Morton C. Bradley Prize for best work in recent years.

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See also:
Swift, Matthew. “Miraculous Detail: The Legacy of Fitz Henry Lane.” Art New England, July-August 2016, pp. 38–41. (Not available online.)